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What should I expect on my first day?

Please arrive 10min before class. We recommend gym attire/athleisure with sandals and a water bottle. You’ll be greeted by a coach, asked to read and the sign the waiver, and given a tour of our space. 


Class begins with everyone lining up. There will be a light warmup followed by techniques for the day. Students then have the option to participate in sparring. We line up again at the end of class and thank our teammates for training!


Do I need a gi before I come in?

No. We have plenty to provide. 


What does Community Self-Defense mean?

We believe in empowering the people. A strong community negates the need for police presence. We protect us. 


I am a law enforcement officer, may I come train?



I am LGBTQ+ identifying, is this a safe space for me?

Yes, we have lgbtq founders and coaches. We have openly lgbtq+ students. 


I am feeling a little sick, should I stay home?

Yes, please! 


What about this rash?

Please consult with a medical professional before returning to class. 


I am injured, may I participate in class?

Yes, and we will help with any modifications to the techniques to avoid aggravating the injury. Please do not train if you have an open wound. 


How do I signup? Is there a contract?

We will send you the link or share the QR code in our space. There is no contract, you may cancel at any time. 


What equipment do I buy? Do you all have loaners I may use?

You’ll need a gi, rashguard, and a mouth guard. We have gis to loan, but recommend purchasing a rashguard. We have team branded ones for sale, but you may purchase any rashguard you’d prefer. 


How often do I wash my equipment?

After. Every. Use. 


How often are the mats cleaned?

After every class, we use a hospital grade disinfectant that is antibacterial, a fungicide, and a virucide. 


What are some general hygiene tips I should be aware of before class?

Please be free of strong odors, perfumes/colognes included. Keep your nails trimmed, breath fresh, and remove any makeup. Do not smoke right before class.  Please wear clean equipment to every class. No shoes on the mats, no bare feet off the mats. 

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